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Top 10 Mobile Games of 2019 for Android and iOS

Our first year here at our Nexplay blog is about to end. But we’re not going to end the year without acknowledging the best games we’ve played for 2019. This list is drastically different from our earlier list Top 10 Best Android and iOS games for 2019 because a lot of great games came out since we wrote that article. So without further ado, let’s list the top 10 best mobile games of 2019!

10. Mario Kart Tour (Android / iOS)

In spite of the game’s notorious monetization issues, Mario Kart Tour is fun at its core. It’s a simple kart racer that you could play while on commute. With a multiplayer mode in the works, we’re sure that Mario Kart Tour will continue attracting fans of the game for longer. Let’s just hope that the game becomes more friendly towards F2P players.

9. The King of Fighters All Stars (Android / iOS)

video courtesy of SNK World

Fighting games usually don’t pan out in mobile games because they end up being too simplistic. Thankfully, The King of Fighters All Stars doesn’t mind being simple. In fact, the game is so fun because of its simplicity. With tons of characters to collect, this fighting game slash beat-em-up will get your muscles pumping on the go.

8. Dota Underlords (Android / iOS)

video courtesy of gametrailers

While many of its competition has gone stale and has retreated to obscurity, Dota Underlords continue to innovate, redefining what the genre it originally spawned could be like. With the smart use of the Dota 2 IP, Dota Underlords subtly expands on its universe while also introducing a unique way to play with its characters. With Teamfight Tactics set to release in 2020, we’re looking into a good fight between this and its eventual rival on mobile devices.

7. Teppen (Android / iOS)

You don’t usually attribute fast-paced with card games, but that’s exactly what Teppen is all about. With a budding esports community, Teppen will continue to make waves in the mobile gaming community in 2020. Its use of Capcom characters adds to the charm of the game, and we can’t wait for what else developers GungHo Online has in store for the Teppen community.

6. What the Golf? (iOS)

An Apple Arcade exclusive on mobile devices, What the Golf? is a fun distraction from your day-to-day life. It’s in its most fun at its most ridiculous levels, trying to hit the golf ball into the hole with various things aside from your golf club. Although this wacky game is locked behind the Apple Arcade subscription, it’s well worth the money you pay for even if it’s the only game you play in Apple Arcade.

5. Overland (iOS)

It’s zombie apocalypse meet XCOM. Try to survive in this tactical turn-based strategy game, which is also an iOS exclusive for mobile devices. Having a road-trip in the zombie-infested United States has never been so thrilling. Your every move matters in this game, whether it means you’re not getting enough gas for your party’s car, or leaving behind one of your party members. Overland is a game that you should try if you’re into strategy games.

4. Sayonara Wild Hearts (iOS)

Apple Arcade really did a great service to the mobile gaming community, as Sayonara Wild Hearts is once again an Apple Arcade mobile exclusive. Glide through different courses on motorbikes and skateboards in this arcade-style action game. Sayonara Wild Hearts give you short bursts of adrenaline boosts that will put your heartbeat on overdrive.

3. Stardew Valley (Android / iOS)

Stardew Valley isn’t just one of the best mobile games out there, it’s one of the best games out there for any platform. Reinventing the genre popularized by Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley has so many options and replayability, making each playthrough completely unique. Although multiplayer isn’t supported (yet) on mobile, Stardew Valley still stands as one of the top RPG Farming games on the planet.

2. Black Desert Mobile (Android / iOS)

A great PC MMORPG game brought to the mobile landscape, Black Desert Mobile is a gorgeous game that pulls no stops in terms of graphics. It still retains some depth from its MMORPG mechanics even though some of them were simplified for mobile use. Black Desert Mobile’s battling system will keep you coming back for more. If you’re an MMORPG junkie, sink your teeth into this game without having to worry about monthly subscription fees and unfair P2W mechanics.

1. Call of Duty: Mobile (Android / iOS)

Not only the best-selling mobile game of all time, Call of Duty: Mobile is also arguably the best mobile game right now. With millions of downloads, Call of Duty: Mobile boasts a very healthy community of gamers that didn’t dwindle since its release back in October. The developers have continued rolling out new features, maps, and game modes to keep things fresh, but its main game modes of Team Deathmatch and Battle Royale will never get old. Call of Duty: Mobile is our best mobile game of 2019.