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We Won’t Be Seeing Pewdiepie’s Poopdie on iOS

Apple gamers won’t get the chance to play Pewdiepie’s new game titled Poopdie. Developed by Bulbware, Poopdie follows the story of a worm forging his destiny underground, fighting monsters using his poop army. If that sounds gross to you, that’s because it is.

Banned from the Apple Store

Initially planned for release on December 12, Apple didn’t allow the game to hit its platform for being too gross. The game contains “crude imagery and sound effect which may disgust users,” which isn’t allowed on iOS games, apparently. See Pewdiepie reacting to this news on his video below:

Pewdiepie says in the video that they’re working on revising the game to make it fit Apple’s community standards, hopefully releasing the game on iOS devices sooner or later. We doubt that’ll ever happen, though. Pewdiepie, make us eat our words.

Poopgrades and Fartspells

Poopdie is a dungeon crawler similar to the game Binding of Isaac, but it also has a lot of gameplay ideas to set it apart. You control Poopdie, a worm, who fights through dungeons using fartspells and his poop army. If this isn’t a metaphor for Pewdiepie and his fans, then what is?

Poopdie could produce more poop by eating food. By producing poop, we mean, you know, through defecation. If you’re not grossed out yet, then you could probably play through this game. To be fair, the game features typical Pewdiepie humor, and fans of the Youtuber will easily find themselves at home in this game. Just like in Pewdiepie’s previous games, Marzia, Edgar, and Maya also make an appearance in the game.

You can download Poopdie on the Google Play Store through this link.

About Bulbware

Bulbware is an indie development studio based in Krakow, Poland. Bulbware only has two developers, which explains why it took the game almost two years before it gets released. The duo previously released the game Bulb Boy, which was released on multiple platforms. Bulb Boy is as a horror adventure game. Bulb Boy clearly inspired Poopdie, right from the premise, the gameplay, and the atmosphere. Hopefully, the studio’s third game would depart from the two games’ trappings. Otherwise, they might as well release a great third game that will carve themselves a niche in dungeon crawling.

Unlike Poopdie, Bulb Boy was released on both Android and iOS. You could find the game on the Google Play Store here, and on the Apple Store here.