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World of Dragon Nest Pre-Registration Now Open!

It’s time to revisit Saint Haven and Calderock Village because the World of Dragon Nest has opened pre-registration! Published by Nexon, the creators of the original Dragon Nest for the PC came together to develop a game for mobile. Eyedentity Games develops World of Dragon Nest and offers a whole new experience for long-time fans of the series.

Open World MMORPG

World of Dragon Nest returns to the series’ roots. With advanced technology powering today’s mobile phones, developers can now translate PC gaming to mobile devices. Eyedentity Games are therefore tasked to bring what they introduced on PC back in 2010 to the mobile platform. What they created is an open world MMORPG that stays true to the original game.

Unlike previous mobile games set in the Dragon Nest Universe, this is the true successor of the original. It doesn’t simply recreate the original game’s story, mechanics, and world. Eyedentity Games instead created a “what if” universe to keep things fresh and interesting. Instead of fighting the Red Army like in the PC version, players will be going against a new foe, the “Paradise Exiles.”

Fans of the manga don’t have to worry because your favorite heroes will still appear in this new game. In fact, your character can interact with these NPCs and form bonds with them, which could open quest lines and earn you rewards.

Gender Unlocked Classes

Unlike the original game, this new mobile game will feature gender-unlocked classes. Meaning, you can pick any class and choose whichever gender you wish! Eyedentity Games reportedly used a lot of their resources to make this possible. That should be true since that means double the animations, double the models, and double the weapons and armor graphics that they had to create.

Aside from the original Warrior, Archer, Cleric, and Sorceress classes, a new Slayer class will be available in the new game. The Slayer class uses dual blades or flying swords, making them a scary opponent in close-range PvP combat.

Skills are also now weapon-dependent, which allows for more customization options for players. Because of this, players are given the ability to seamlessly switch between weapons, allowing them to keep their skill-chains to go on for longer.

Pets and Mounts

World of Dragon Nest will also feature pets and mounts for you to collect and use in-world. Mounts provide stat boosts to your character while your pets will provide you companionship outside battle. You could also breed these animals to find the rarest and finest of breeds of pets and mounts you could collect.


Reviews from the game’s closed-beta period last August were flaming hot, so we’re excited to get our hands on the final product. You can pre-register now on the game’s official website or by pre-ordering the game on iTunes. Register now and get a chance to win Razer Gold via their promotion, shown below:

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Posted by World of Dragon Nest on Friday, December 20, 2019

The full game will be released on January 8, so don’t forget to pre-register to be able to pre-load the game early!