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Xbox Series X: What We Know So Far About the Next-Gen Console

Microsoft surprised the gaming world when they unveiled ‘Project Scarlett’ during The Game Awards 2019. Revealed to be the Xbox Series X, Microsoft’s new console has finally been made public. Here are the things we know so far about the new console:

Tech Specs

Microsoft’s new console will have a large improvement over its predecessors. Let’s compare the current-gen console specs to the next-gen console specs: (those on mobile might want to view this on Desktop Mode)

SpecsXbox OneXbox One XXbox Series X
CPU8-core 1.75GHz AMD 8-core 2.3 GHz AMD8-core 3.5 GHz AMD
GPU AMD GCN GPU @ 853Mhz w/ 12 compute units AMD custom GPU @ 1,172MHz w/ 40 compute units Xbox Series X GPU and custom processor
Max Resolution1080p4K Native8K @ 120 FPS
Compute Power1.31 TFLOPS6 TFLOPS12 TFLOPS
Max Storage1 TB HDD1 TB HDD“Next-Gen” SSD

As one could surmise, Xbox Series X’s technical specifications already look like a current-gen PC build. Paired with its appearance that’s reminiscent to a CPU tower, it’s led to people like Sam Byford of The Verge, to compare the console to an actual PC. Naturally, the firepower of PCs by the time this new console hit the shelves would have already progressed beyond the console’s capabilities. But as of now, it’s on par with most gaming rigs you could build at this point.


Speaking of appearance, there’s a lot to be said about the new console’s look and style. Calling it a ‘big black box’ won’t be too far from the truth. In fact, it feels like the design was intentional. Microsoft touts the Xbox Series X as the “fastest,” “most powerful” console, and it’s easy to believe with how it looks like. It’s obvious that aesthetics isn’t the priority. This shows that Microsoft is not afraid to sacrifice looks for performance for this console.

With that being said, the Xbox Series X doesn’t look horrid. It’s elegant, beautiful in its own way. Still, the bulky tower looks less exciting compared to Sony’s PS5, which could actually affect their sales when Holiday 2020 kicks in.

Launch Titles, Release Date, Price

What we know so far is that the new console will be launching around the same time as the PS5, which is exactly a year from now. When Holiday 2020 kicks in, parents will have to decide whether it would be an Xbox or a PS5 they’re buying their kids. A likely launch title for this is Halo: Infinite, which will also be coming out for the Xbox One X. According to Microsoft, although in essence there would be no difference between the Xbox One X and Xbox Series X versions of the game, the latter will be “boosted” to match the new console’s higher specifications.

Given that the Xbox One X launched at $499, this new console may not be priced significantly higher. With reports that the PS5 will launch for $550, then we could safely assume that the Xbox Series X will be offered around the same price point.