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World of Dragon Nest Review: First Impressions

World of Dragon Nest is finally here, and it’s one of our most anticipated games of the year. Back in the late 2000s, the original Dragon Nest brought to MMOs new game mechanics that eventually became the inspiration to many other MMORPGs after it. Now, they’ve taken a new version of the game into mobile, further implementing additional mechanics. We tried the game out for a couple of sessions, and we’re here to share how the game’s like on mobile. Here’s our World of Dragon Nest review and first impressions.

Return To Saint Haven

World of Dragon Nest will send players back to Saint Haven, along with other familiar locations from the original PC game. Thankfully, however, developers Eyedentity didn’t simply rehash the same world and story and bring it to mobile. World of Dragon Nest is a new game on its own. It massively improves on the Dragon Nest M mobile game that preceded it.

World of Dragon Nest turns the classic MMO into an open-world experience. Drifting away from the dungeon-instancing it used to have, players are now free to explore the world as they see fit. With a whole new world to explore, World of Dragon Nest offers a brand new experience to both veteran and new players.

The Adventurer

Sadly, players are not offered a lot of customization options for their characters right from the get-go. Sure, you could have unique item builds later on in the game, but players almost all look the same at the starting areas.

There are five classes to choose from: Archer, Cleric, Sorceress, Slayer, and Warrior.

The Archer specializes in long-ranged attacks, and it tries to exploit its opponents’ weaknesses with high critical chance and high critical damage. They also have the highest healing stats in the game, allowing them to survive even though they’re squishy.

The Cleric serves as the tank and deals just as much damage as they could absorb. Clerics help their parties with buffs and lowers the enemy stats with various debuffs. The versatile Cleric is a must-have for every party braving Dragon Nest.

Third, we have the Sorceress who deals the most damage out of all the classes. They make use of their normal attacks to decrease the cooldown of their abilities. They could also lower the cooldown of their party’s skills, allowing them to dish out punishment round the clock.

The Slayer is the PvP player’s dream. They’re peerless when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, and they are very mobile and hard to fight against. The Slayers inflict bleeding effects against their enemies and uses their opponents’ suffering to heal themselves.

Finally, we have the Warrior. The most straight forward class that is as ubiquitous as any other class in any other game, the Warrior is the front liner of the team. They protect everyone else with their defensive buffs to make sure everyone survives.

Dragon Nest Review

Dragon Nest has a distinct personality in its theme and design, which translates well on mobile devices. Its unique art style fits right into small screens, and the flashiness of the moves just gives enough bravado to the action.

However, I can’t feel but underwhelmed by the open-world. It’s not as dense as other recently-released MMOs like Black Desert Mobile, and it certainly isn’t as pretty as that one. Its cute art style only goes so far in terms of the aesthetics department, although it doesn’t really ruin the experience.

The gameplay is smooth, fun and responsive, but only at times when it really works. Right now, the popularity of the game leads to the servers being overloaded. At launch, the servers were so badly hit that many players had to wait half an hour to get into the game, like us. Many times, they’d also get kicked out of the server, putting them back into the queue. Once in, many players still experienced lag and delay in input.

However, when the game works, it’s easy to get sucked in. Granted, the game does have an auto-mode just like any other MMORPG out there released on mobile. But we barely used that functionality. The game’s so fun to play that we easily reached higher levels. We could leave the grinding to the auto-mode sure, but we don’t see ourselves using it anytime soon.

World of Dragon Nest is available now in Android and iOS.