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NetEase’s Extraordinary Ones Turns Anime Into MOBA

Extraordinary Ones is yet again another MOBA from one of the most prolific publishers of mobile games. Is it worth checking out?

There is no shortage of MOBA games on mobile these days, and it’s already close to saturation. Heck, even Marvel has its own MOBA now, and it’s not so bad. In fact, it’s hard to mess up a MOBA. It’s just hard to make your own game stand out in the sea of MOBAs in the mobile platform.

Enter NetEase’s Extraordinary Ones. The new MOBA game, which launched this January for both iOS and Android devices, aims to win over the anime crowd of MOBA players. It’s distinguishable by its unique anime style. If anime is your thing and you love MOBAs, then you definitely should check this out.

What’s So Extraordinary

Of course, it’s not going to be effective in building up a playerbase if the game itself doesn’t introduce anything new to the genre. Thankfully, Extraordinary Ones offers more than just a coat of anime paint.

Extraordinary Ones has an initial roster of 34 heroes, all of which have their own unique skillsets that sets them apart from other characters. This roster will be expanded through numerous events and updates, many of which will feature characters from actual anime shows like My Hero Academia, X Killer Seven, Next Gen, and Mob Psycho 100.

Players are incentivized to master one hero at a time. There’s a ‘Hero Intimacy’ system that allows you to bond with your heroes the more you use them. Aside from becoming better at playing those heroes, you also boost their stats and unlock new items and backstory for them. The waifu culture has finally reached MOBAs, folks, and Extraordinary Ones does it well.

Meanwhile, you won’t have to walk all the way to the first turret of the lane at the start of the game. Once your team has agreed on your lanes, you could use a springboard launcher that will throw you out straight to that lane’s first turret. Talk about convenience!

Play Extraordinary Ones Now

Extraordinary Ones is out now on both iOS and Android devices. Download the game now and play the first ever anime MOBA game in the planet!