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Fire Emblem Heroes Wants More Of Your Money – Introduces FEH Pass

Fire Emblem Heroes will start receiving new, premium, and exclusive content through a monthly ‘season pass’.

Nintendo earned over a billion dollars through their mobile games, and it’s largely thanks to Fire Emblem Heroes. Nintendo will be capitalizing its popularity by introducing another way for people to spend money in the game.

Starting this week, players will be able to purchase a ‘season pass’ called ‘FEH pass’ for $9.49. With the FEH pass, players will gain access to powerful new characters, exclusive quests, and other gameplay improvements. The new update will also introduce ‘Resplendent Heroes’ in the game. FEH pass holders will have immediate access to up to two per month, with others available for purchase later on. Players unlock new features by purchasing the pass which will allow them to automatically complete maps until they run out of in-game stamina.

The community, unsurprisingly, received the FEH pass announcement poorly. Its announcement video posted on Youtube (embedded below) garnered a lot of dislikes. Players pointed out that features normally available for free in other games are now locked behind a paywall. For example, players could automatically complete stages until they run out of in-game stamina in another of Nintendo’s games, Dragalia Lost.

The FEH pass becomes available today when players download an update. The game is currently available in both Android and iOS.

Nintendo’s Aggressive Monetization of Mobile Games

This is not the first time Nintendo is introducing monetization to its mobile games. Late last year, a similar service was rolled out in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp for $7.99 a month. Mario Kart Tour also debuted with a highly-controversial $4.99 monthly subscription pass. Nintendo’s stance on monetizing its mobile games is very clear, and it’s not afraid to continue charging its fans to enjoy the games they love.

Naturally, players have been up at arms with Nintendo’s aggressiveness. However, regardless of the fans’ public dissent, Nintendo’s monetization strategies earn them a lot of money. Apparently, people will continue playing games that they enjoy even if it meant shelling out money for it every now and then. People buy into it, and at the end of the day, it’s all that matters for the people handling the business. Regardless of how predatory the practice may seem to many of the fans, the fact that the very same fans complaining continue on playing the games means that these practices will not stop anytime soon.