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Crash Bandicoot Mobile Accidentally Revealed

Crash Bandicoot Mobile is apparently a thing. First reported on by Eurogamer, eagle-eyed gamers from JumpButton found a Crash Bandicoot Mobile game uploaded by an app testing company called StoreMaven. According to JumpButton, they were able to discover the game through Brazilian Facebook ads running for those who follow Crash Bandicoot on social media. StoreMaven has since removed the game from the play store. Thankfully, Kotaku was able to take screenshots before they were taken down.

Crash Bandicoot Skin on Temple Run

Based on the screenshots by Kotaku and JumpButton, Crash Bandicoot Mobile seems to play a lot like Temple Run, the progenitor of endless running mobile games. It plays with the same mechanics as the original, but with a Crash Bandicoot theme starring the titular character. The game also seems to have a base-building mechanic, but the exact details aren’t known yet. It’d be interesting to see how these two genres would mix together in this new game.

The artworks look great, actually. The developers were able to keep the game’s art style intact, making it feel like a genuine Crash Bandicoot game.

The Crash Bandicoot franchise is actually experiencing a sort of renaissance. Naughty Dog recently released a remaster of the Crash Bandicoot Trilogy on current-gen platforms. Turning it into a mobile game only makes sense, which should help the orange marsupial to reach a wider audience.

Mobile Gaming Kings

King appears to be developing the Crash Bandicoot Mobile game. Gamers may recall King for its massively popular mobile games such as Candy Crush and Bubble Witch Saga. Since its inception, King has made a lot of money from their mobile games. Activision-Blizzard would later acquire King. Blizzard had been very vocal about their plans to bring their IPs to mobile platforms. The Crash Bandicoot Mobile game is probably one of the earliest manifestations of that commitment by Blizzard.

Transforming Beloved IPs Into Mobile Games

Aside from Crash Bandicoot, other Blizzard-Activision IPs are on their way to becoming mobile games. Most infamous among them is Diablo Immortal. Fans were completely apathetic when Blizzard-Activision announced Diablo Immortal, with many of them expecting the company to reveal the next mainline Diablo game. But their conversion to mobile isn’t always critically panned. Call of Duty Mobile is a massive success, which led to millions of revenue for the company.

Activision-Blizzard’s decision to turn to mobile games makes perfect business sense. In 2019, 35% of the company’s $6.5 billion revenue came from mobile games, mostly through King and Call of Duty Mobile. PC and web games used to make up the bulk of the company’s revenue, but now it only comprises 25% of the revenue. Ultimately, console games still make 40% of the company’s revenues. But with more successful mobile games under Activision-Blizzard, it’s not hard to imagine mobile finally overtake console as well.