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NetMarble, Marvel Working On Future Revolution Open-World RPG

NetMarble is once again taking the lead in making a Marvel game with Marvel Future Revolution.

Following Marvel’s latest mobile game success, Super War, the multimedia company is looking to expand their portfolio on Android and iOS. This time, they are tapping NetMarble, the authors of another of Marvel’s previous mobile game, Future Fight.

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Marvel Future Revolution was revealed during PAX East last week. It will be an open-world RPG, and everything we’ve seen so far about the game has been gorgeous.

Genuine Marvel Story

Most mobile-game adaptations of high-profile IPs usually end up with a diluted version of the source material. Thankfully, Marvel Future Revolution is being handled by very capable hands. For starters, Marc Sumerak (Frankling Richards: Son of a Genius, Power Pack) is writing the game’s story.

In Marvel Future Revolution, multiple universes collide, resulting to utter chaos when supervillains rise to take advantage of the situation. Captain America gathers different superheroes to protect Earth, forming Omega Flight, which is totally not The Avengers.

The story features at least four superheroes: Captain America, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, and Captain Marvel. Based on other trailers, the player will be facing some iconic Marvel supervillain organizations such as Hydra and A.I.M.

Multiverse Shenanigans

As mentioned earlier, Marvel Future Revolution takes place in a timeline where multiple universes collide. This gave the development team the opportunity to squeeze in appearances from different versions of Spider-Man from fan-favorite animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

If those different versions of Spidey are playable characters or just skins is currently unknown. The trailers, however, have shown us that all of the playable heroes have multiple skins and uniforms you could unlock and use. Multiple versions of heroes also exist such as Captain America in Hydra uniform. We don’t know yet if this is actually part of the main story or just an unlockable skin to pay homage to Nick Spencer’s Secret Empire

Exciting Times Ahead

Marvel dropped the bomb at PAX East and it was completely unexpected, but we better pay attention to this upcoming game. The teaser trailers already give us a glimpse of what could be a fantastic game for mobile. Super War was also a massive surprise for everyone, and nobody expected it to take off like it did. Somehow, NetEase was able to make a Marvel-themed MOBA for mobile devices work.

Meanwhile, NetMarble’s previous game with Marvel Future Fight was also a decent game, even if it weren’t as popular as Super War. The success of two of Marvel’s mobile games in recent years gives us an idea of how serious the company is in entering the mobile gaming market. And if the quality of Super War and Future Fight is going to be our basis, then we really should get excited about Future Revolution.

Unfortunately, NetMarble and Marvel left us hanging after their announcement trailer. There is currently no news on when Marvel Future Revolution is coming out.

It looks like we will just have to wait and see.