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Gamers Unite Against COVID-19!

Nexplay Cares | Gamers Unite Campaign

Gamers, our battle to defeat the boss COVID-19 virus intensifies as days pass by. The lack of PPE and other important assistance like +10 armors and weapons of our high-level support frontliners makes it difficult for them to combat this strong and invisible enemy, however, we as back-ups for our heroes can lend a powerful buff to lessen the difficulty level of this COVID-19 boss.

Last week, we launched our Nexplay Cares | Gamers Unite campaign, aiming for us gamers to take part and do what we could to contribute in fighting this pandemic. We’ve extended the stream time for free users and added more free tokens to our multi-streaming feature to keep you guys busy and entertained while staying safe at home.

In line with this campaign, we are announcing another way for us gamers to lend a hand to our life risking frontliners by donating to medical agencies who are directly involved on this battle. Here’s how we can give a buff!

* There will be a limited edition COVID-19 themed items in the Nexplay app store.
* Users can buy these items, keep it, or give it to their favorite streamers.
* All proceeds (100℅} from all the purchased COVID-19 themed items will be donated to a chosen medical agency by Nexplay.

* We will announce this together with the total proceeds after the campaign period.

Let’s do our part. Let’s lend a hand. Let’s unite! Join us in supporting our frontliners on this real-life RPG game.

Make a move! Cast your buff now! Download the app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store now!