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Spyjinx: New Epic Mobile Game Now On Closed Beta On iOS

Spyjinx is the new mobile game in development by Epic Games, in collaboration with Bad Robot. Spyjinx is a multiplayer spy-themed action-adventure game set in the Fortnite universe.

Espionage in Fortnite

Fortnite players may remember a location in the map called “The Shark”, which is like the mold of the secret bases you could make in Spyjinx. Yes, you get to build your own secret base, improve your spies’ stats, and go head-to-head against other players. The gameplay is similar to other base defense / base building games like Clash of Clans, where your spies try to infiltrate heavily-secured bases of other players.

As mentioned, Bad Robot is collaborating with Epic Games to bring Spyjinx to life. J.J. Abrams owns Bad Robot, a production company usually working on films. Previously, the director used Fortnite to promote Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. In-game, players were able to attend a live event where J.J. Abrams himself appeared as a hologram. The players were also able to watch a never-before-seen clip of the movie, which was never shown elsewhere. Finally, the players were able to grind for Star Wars-themed gear during a limited period of time.

The history between the two production companies should ensure that the game will come out well-crafted. Bad Robot also has Epic Games’ mother company Tencent as a shareholder, so it looks like Spyjinx has everything it needs to succeed.

Limited Beta Release

Epic Games has made the game available on a limited capacity for now to test the game. It’s currently on the Apple Store, and is coming soon to Android. However, only people who have access to the Malaysian Apple Store could download the game. It will also soon roll out to Australia after a short period of exclusivity in Malaysia.

The developers have been working on Spyjinx for about four years by now. Streamers playing the game say Spyjinx is already a well-crafted game. With these two facts together, we could hope that Spyjinx will be coming out of closed beta soon enough. Epic Games is also currently running a promotion to encourage players to try the game. A tournament league, for example, is currently looking for players.