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Area F2: Rainbow Six Siege on Mobile? [REVIEW]

Area F2 has an inspiration in Rainbow Six Siege. Rainbow Six Siege is not a new game. But Ubisoft’s unique take on the shooter genre didn’t get much attention until recent years. This rise in popularity surely inspired other developers to do the same. R6 has been around for a while, but it’s not until recently that it’s getting copycat clones. R6 proving that the game is fun and enjoyable will inspire even more copycats down the road, or even lead to the establishment of a new genre.

However, Area F2 shouldn’t be discarded as a simple clone, knock-off, me-too of R6. Firstly, transitioning the game from the PC landscape to the mobile takes some serious work. Area F2’s developers Qookka Games built the game from the ground up. Although the game is clearly inspired by Rainbow Six Siege, even going so far as borrowing mechanics and operators, Area F2 is not a simple port.

Familiarity Into Creativity

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In Area F2, you play as a member of a five-man fireteam. Your team and the enemy team will take turns playing as Offense or Defense. The Defense team has to secure a point in the map, while the Offense Team aims to take over. Defense wins if they eliminate all enemies or the timer runs out. Offense wins if they take control of the point, or eliminate all enemies.

Where Area F2 lacks in originality, it glows up in polish. Thankfully, the game is using its long time in early access to continuously improve the game. The game’s models are good-looking, the stages well-made and unique. The controls are also stellar and responsive, something that I didn’t fully expect when I first saw the game. Every corner of Area F2 points towards a considerable budget: this game wasn’t just made by wannabes who wanted to ride R6S’s success by copying it.

Being in Early Access, Area F2 still has a lot of time to innovate. Its current lineup of 18 Agents feels a bit too samey to the Operators of R6S. But this is just Qookka Games playing carefully. With the recall of R6S, many players would definitely expect to have the same experience on mobile. It was necessary to at least make the Agents feel similar to the ones in R6S. As the game gets established, there will be more room for the developers for experimentation.

Mobile Givings

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Being a mobile game, players are playing this game with some reasonable expectations. Just like in R6S, most of Area F2’s agents have to be unlocked. This can be done through grinding or direct purchase. In any case, the player starts with a handful of Agents that are designed for beginners. Grinding with these starting Agents will help newbies establish ground on the game. The good thing with the game is it only takes time to unlock new Agents at the same time you master the ones you already have. There’s also enough variety to be had from the get-go, preventing the game from getting dull.

Players coming from CODM would be right at home with Area F2’s lootbox and rewards system, as the two are very similar. There’s also a lot of unique skins to look forward to. They’re just not as nostalgic as the ones you get from CODM.


Area F2 is a shooting game on mobile that does its job well. Players who want to take R6S on the go should definitely take a look at this one. There’s also a lot of potential for this game to eventually become an esports title if enough people play it. For now, it looks poised to take some considerable chunk off the market. But is it a CODM killer? Don’t bet on it.

Grade: 4/5

Play the game on Android via the Google Play Store.