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Danganropa Mobile: 10th Anniversary Will Bring Trilogy to Smartphones

Danganropa Mobile is reportedly coming to Android and iOS devices in celebration of the series’ 10th Anniversary. Its transition to mobile will come with improved UIs, touch-based controls, and a brand-new gallery mode for your viewing pleasure.

Visual Novel Battle Royale

The whole Danganropa series revolves around a group of students trapped within their high school. To escape, a student has to murder one of their classmates and get away with it. With this premise, it’s not surprising to find out that sooner or later, one of you will commit the act. Then the victory condition changes. The remaining (living) students will have to conduct a murder investigation and find out who the murderer was. Succeeding in the “Student Trial” will lead to the murderer execution, at which point the students’ captors will set them free. However, the murderer could go on scot-free, at the expense of the rest of the students.

The whole narrative plays out through three gameplay modes, set into different sections within the game. You talk to other students and develop relationships with them to learn more about their backgrounds and motivations in visual novel-type sequences. Then, after the murder, you investigate the crime scenes and other relevant locations ala point-and-click adventure game. Finally, during the trial, you play a rail-shooter / rhythm game crossbreed, where you shoot “Truth Bullets” at statements of your classmates that just don’t add up.

Danganropa is more than just the sum of its parts. The three gameplay modes connect seamlessly, and the story is tied together neatly, leaving behind no loose ends.

Danganropa 10th Anniversary

Spike Chunsoft announced Danganropa Mobile as part of their celebrations of the series’ ten-year anniversary. The first game in the series came out in November 2010. The series has since spawned three main titles and a couple of spin-offs. The mobile releases will cover only the three main titles, at least for now. Meanwhile, the exact release date for Danganropa Mobile is still not revealed. However, more news about Danganropa will roll out starting May 2020, when Spike Chunsoft’s celebrations go in full-swing.

Fans of the series have long asked for a Danganropa Mobile release. Although the games have been a staple to many PlayStation Vita libraries, many still prefer to play the game on mobile. Spike Chunsoft releasing this game will make many of these fans really happy.

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