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Nexplay Predator Are the Clash4ACause CODM Tournament Champions!

Nexplay Predator wins the Clash4ACause CODM Tournament, held on April 27, 2020. The tournament, hosted by Moymoy Palaboy and presented by RC Cola and Juicy Lemon, had four top-tier Call of Duty: Mobile teams competing for a noble cause. The teams called into action were Nexplay Predator, Emporia Esports, Vvv Flama, and Bren Esports.

Clash4ACause Champions

Nexplay Predator gave their all to secure the cash prize for their chosen beneficiary Sagip Community Life Center. The team didn’t take it easy just because it was a charity tournament. Instead, Nexplay Predator made sure that their fans would have a great time watching them play, hoping to encourage them to donate for the cause as well.

Thanks to this mindset, Nexplay Predator was able to beat their opponents in a decisive manner. Throughout the whole tournament, Nexplay Predator didn’t drop a single map. They scored 2-0 first against Vvv Flamma, and then went for the kill with a 3-0 streak against Emporia Esports in the finals. Emporia Esports has previously defeated Bren Esports on the other side of the bracket with a 2-1 score.

Nexplay Predator: On the Prowl

This tournament marks just another prey that Nexplay Predator has successfully vanquished. The team has always been on the lookout for the next challenge, just adding Clash4ACause to their growing pile of victories. Previously, Nexplay Predator also took home the championship in another RC Cola tournament: the Rise & Conquer event last April 18. They also took home the Lupon War Zone CODM Championship last February. Furthermore, they were the runners-up for the CODM: Invasion tournament last November, as well as the Philippines National Champions, organized by Garena.

Team Composition

Nexplay Predator is made up of top-tier mobile FPS players. They are Woopiiee, CRUSH, Khenji, Jayzee, IDRA, and Kyaaah. You could watch their best moments as a team together here, in their tournament highlights during the Rise & Conquer CODM tournament.