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Nexplay Predator Solid Bags NXT Pro Invitational 2020 Championship

Nexplay Predator Solid dominated six other teams during the NXT Pro Invitational 2020, a tournament encouraging fans to donate to charity.

The NXT Pro Invitational 2020 MLBB Tournament saw seven of the Philippines’ best Mobile Legends teams compete in exhibition matches. While entertaining their fans, the tournament also encouraged viewers to contribute to its cause. The organizers will donate all proceeds from the tournament, including the prize pool, and any donations from the fans. It’s one way for Nexplay to give back to the community during these uncertain times.

Nonetheless, all teams gave their best, as they want to give their fans the most entertaining show ever. Indeed, the charity tournament pulled out all the stops, even getting play-by-play and analysis commentary from Sh1nBoo, Wolf, Roadfill, among others. As a result, many fans enjoyed the stream, encouraging a lot of them to donate as well.

Nexplay Predator Solid vs. Cignal Ultra

The final moments of the tournament saw two teams clash against each other. With seven teams in the tournament, Cignal Ultra was able to receive a bye, allowing them a headstart against the competition. Regardless, all teams fought to their best, with Cignal Ultra and Nexplay Predator Solid both reaching the Upper Bracket Finals. During their first series of matches, Nexplay Predator Solid emerged victorious, sending Cignal Ultra down to the lower bracket.

Meanwhile, ArkAngel Esports had to claw their way back to the top. ULVL was responsible for sending ArkAngel to the lower bracket early on into the tournament. But eventually, the two teams met again. During the Lower Bracket SemiFinals, ArkAngel Esports got their revenge by sweeping ULVL. Thus, ArkAngel were able to secure third place, facing Cignal Ultra in the Lower Bracket Finals.

But Cignal Ultra was dedicated to delivering their own justice. To get their own comeback, they had to defeat the aggressive ArkAngel.

The stage was set. Cignal Ultra challenged Nexplay Predator Solid for a rematch in the Grand Finals. This time, Cignal Ultra went with extra power against their opponents. On the brink of elimination, with a score of 0-2, Cignal Ultra made a last-ditch effort. They regained control of the match and forced a Game 4. But just as when Cignal Ultra seemed to be able to stage a comeback, Nexplay Predator Solid repelled their efforts, closing the series at 3-1 to claim the title.

About the Beneficiaries

Nexplay, TaskUs, Predator, Sharp, and Paymaya jointly organized this tournament to contribute to efforts against the pandemic. The chosen beneficiary is the Kaya Natin! Movement. The tournament’s proceeds will be used to purchase and distribute PPEs and food packs for our frontliners. To date, the Kaya Natin! Movement has distributed over 100,000 PPEs and 12,791 food packages to 8,310 frontliners to 724 hospitals and communities.