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Nexplay Predator Solid Places 1st Runner Up in ONE Esports MLI PH Qualifiers

Nexplay Predator Solid displayed their grit and skill by overcoming nearly 350 other teams during the ONE Esports MLI PH Qualifiers. They were one series away from becoming the country’s representative for the ONE Esports MLI. In their way was Cignal Ultra, another top Filipino team, with which Nexplay Predator Solid is building a competitive rivalry.

An Instant MLBB Classic

Game 4 of the series between Cignal Ultra and Nexplay, with Cignal Ultra leading 2-1

Both Nexplay Predator Solid and Cignal Ultra clawed their way to the Grand Finals of the tournament. With over 300 teams participating, they had to beat several teams to the finals. Going through that many teams in just a few days could affect teams in different ways. It could be taxing, and exhausting. But Cignal Ultra and Nexplay Predator Solid rode the momentum, heading to the Grand Finals with vigor.

The thousands of viewers of the livestream couldn’t have asked for a better matchup. In previous tournaments, Nexplay Predator Solid and Cignal Ultra have traded wins. There was no clear favorite, and both teams have equal chances of winning. Each clash could turn the tide towards the victor’s favor, and both teams took the advantage when presented to them. Both teams took risks and they earned their rewards in every hard-fought clash the two battled on.

The first match of the series went in favor of Nexplay Predator. Cignal Ultra had to regroup and rethink their strategy. Two more wins, and Nexplay will be taking home the prize. Whatever Cignal Ultra thought of at this point must have worked wonders for them, because they would then win the next three matches. Cignal Ultra closes the series at 3-1, making them the Philippine representatives for ONE Esports ML Invitational.

ONE Esports MLBB Invitational

We will be watching the Grand Finals unfold soon in Jakarta, Indonesia. However, due to the COVID-19 situation, the organizers postponed ONE Esports ML Invitational indefinitely. While the tournament’s grand finals are currently hanging in the air, all online qualifiers will be completed as scheduled.

With four qualifier tournaments now complete, we’re down to one more team left from the qualifiers. Out of the twelve teams competing in the tournament, six are directly invited, with the other six coming from the qualifiers. Cignal Ultra will be joining the twelve, along with the regional winners Bigetron Alpha (Indonesia), EVOS (Singapore), Team Bosskurr (Malaysia), and IDONOTSLEEP (Thailand + Laos). The last qualifying team will come from Myanmar, whose qualifiers are scheduled on June 13-14.

Meanwhile, the organizers have revealed three teams out of six so far: Team RRQ, EVOS Legends, and Resurgence. We’re waiting for four more teams, and for the organizers to announce the finals date. We’re in for a long wait, but it will be worth seeing these twelve teams compete soon.