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Nexplay Predator Tempest Wins PPGL MLBB Community Cup

Nexplay Predator Tempest reunited under ‘Team Kaisaya’ for the PPGL ML Community Cup last week. In this tournament, members of the community played with various influencers and streamers, who played as their respective captains.

Team Lineup

  1. Kaisaya
  2. Yalah
  3. MadameRiri
  4. R O C H E
  5. Goddess

Femme Fatale

The Community Cup had eight influencers and streamers captain teams. These eight teams were grouped into two. Each group competed for a PHP20,000 cash prize. The teams then donated PHP10,000 each from both prizes to the Philippine Heart Center.

Group A was composed of Yasumeow, Kristine Santamaria, YuriGaming, and QueenWrecker. Firstly, Kristine’s team defeated Yasumeow’s. YuriGaming’s win then led them to a final showdown against Kristine’s team. Finally, it was Kristine’s team that won, claiming the first half of the PHP40,000 prize pool.

Meanwhile, Nexplay Predator Tempest were assigned to Group B.Consequently, they were joined by the teams of SolidAngela, Rojean, and FrheaJaimil.

PPGL 2020 – Mobile Legends Community Cup (Week 4 – Day 2)

We are now live for our Mobile Legends Community Cup!GLHF to your team captains playing today, Kaisaya, FrheaJaimil, SolidAngela, Rojean, and their teammates! The winning team will win PHP 10,000 cash prize and donate another PHP 10,000 to the Philippine Heart Center! Tune in to the stream to know how you can win diamonds too!Catch the stream every Tuesday and Thursday at 2-5 PM, until June 18.#PPGL2020

Posted by Philippine Pro Gaming League 2020 on Wednesday, June 3, 2020
Nexplay Predator Tempest vs. FrheaJaimil’s Team and SolidAngela’s Team – PPGL ML Community Cup

Nexplay Predator Tempest were in their element in this tournament. At the start, they suffered a disappointing loss against Frhea’s team in the first round. But the team bounced back and won the series with a comeback victory. Meanwhile on the other side of the bracket, SolidAngela claimed the win over Rojean. Kaisaya’s team used their momentous win from their earlier matches to take two more quick victories over SolidAngela’s team. The fights were exciting and a display of skill for both sides, colorfully casted by the duo of Wolf and Ron.

Another Victory for Nexplay Predator Solid

Meanwhile, Nexplay Predator Tempest’s sister team Nexplay Predator Solid also scored a victory over the past week. Nexplay Predator Solid has been on a roll recently. For instance, their latest claim is on Just ML Cup Challenger’s Edition. Above all, their win made them a back-to-back champion, a testament to the team’s reliability and dedication to the game!

Just ML Cup Challenger's Edition

Just ML Cup Challenger's Edition Series 1 : Kingpins vs Iphios EsportsSeries 2 : NXP Predator Solid vs TBD(GRANDFINALS)Shoutcasters: Zeus , Chantelle , Earvv & Persian#JustML#HindiItoReplay

Posted by Just ML on Thursday, June 4, 2020
Nexplay Predator Solid vs. Iphios Esports – Just ML Cup

In the Just ML Cup, Nexplay Predator Solid defended their title from Iphios Esports. Nexplay Predator Solid’s team showed their determination all throughout the tournament, culminating to a decisive win against their challengers.

Nexplay Predator Solid’s competitive streak makes them a top-tier MLBB team. You shouldn’t miss their rise to the top. Tune in on our Nexplay Predator Esports page for the latest updates on our team’s tournaments.