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Adventure Time Heroes Now Available for Pre-Registration

Adventure Time Heroes will soon let fans go on adventures with Finn and Jake in over 80 stages.

Collect Heroes and Go on Adventures

Challenging dungeons await you!

Adventure Time Heroes is a brand-new RPG from Cartoon Network and goGame. This upcoming RPG features intricate gameplay and a large cast of characters to play as. Go on epic adventures with Finn and Jake, or any of the other 200+ characters you could collect in-game.

The game’s story takes inspiration from the Little People characters from the show. In the show’s episode “All the Little People”, Finn received a mysterious bag full of miniature versions of his friends and enemies.

In this game, the evil Lich seeks to destroy all forms of life in the magical land of Ooo. He mustered a loyal army of minions to help him in his quest. It’s up to you to gather enough heroes to build an army of your own against this growing evil threat.

Full-fledged RPG

Collect all the 200+ characters in the game!

Like most RPGs, Adventure Time Heroes features a turn-based style of play. The player will go through 80 story mode adventures across 9 dungeons in the main story campaign. Post-game content includes a PvP Arena and a Co-op Clan based system.

Unlike most Adventure Time games, Adventure Time Heroes features intricate gameplay that sets it apart from regular RPGs. Apart from collecting heroes, you can also collect countless trinkets, accessories, and materials that you can use to strengthen your characters. Each hero can be further upgraded with the game’s Expertisms mechanic that allows heroes to grow stronger based on their own strengths.

Through the game’s Co-op Clan System, players will have to work together to take down powerful Raid Bosses. In preparation for their epic battles, players will have to work together also in completing clan achievements and finishing daily objectives.

The most powerful players may take their heroes to the PvP Arena. Earn medals when you win, and rise up through the leaderboards to prove that you’re the best adventurer!

Pre-Register for Adventure Time Heroes

Pre-registration is now open for Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Get it in the Google Play Store here or in the Apple App Store here. Stay updated by liking the game’s official Facebook group, and meet fellow adventurers in the official Discord channel.