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Ragnarok MSP Championship 2019 Finals is Coming!

The Ragnarok MSP Championship 2019 Finals is coming! To hype things up, the server will be having a showmatch between the last three standing teams of the competition. These teams are 322Reuleavx, Imperial Regalia, 322 Legokidd, Legion, Valiant, and Blitzkrieg.

RMSP Championship 2019 Showmatch

The six participating teams will fight in two groups. They will be clashing in 10v10 round robins with a points-based scoring system. The clans will play three rounds each against their two opponents in their group. The team with the highest points across two matches will proceed to the Finals. There, they will face the winner of the other group.

The RMSP Championship 2019 Showmatch coincides with the 3rd year anniversary celebration of the MSP server. This competition will also be exciting to watch. The developers have just recently released the Transcendent Job Class, so the participating clans will be experimenting with new builds going into this competition.

The winner of the showmatch will be able to choose their group in the final stages of the RMSP 2019 Championship. Don’t miss the matches, which will be livestreamed here!

Ragnarok MSP Championship 2019 Finals is Coming!

The developers organized the showmatch to hype up the upcoming Ragnarok MSP Championship 2019 Finals. With a PHP1,000,000 worth of prize pool, the event is one of the Ragnarok SEA community’s biggest attractions. Apart from the top prize, the champions of the tournament will also get an exclusive crown that only their clan gets to wear.

The Grand Finals will see a Bo5 10v10 match against the two finalist teams. In case that a tie occurs in the fifth round, both teams will go head to head one final time. But before they clash, the teams will get to ban two players from the opposing team.

Ragnarok MSP Server 3-Year Anniversary Celebration

The competition this weekend coincides with the MSP (Malaysia/Singapore/Philippines) server’s third year anniversary! In celebration of this milestone, players will be able to open limited edition cubes that contain rare cosmetic items for them to wear. The Transcendent Class will also be rolling out for the rest of the server, which opens up a new level of power for players. The Transcendent class can be obtained by Lvl 99 players in their second classes.

Special in-game server-wide events will also be active. These events will help players get the most out of their Transcendent Classes, earning them enough resources and experience to maximize their potential.