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MapleStory Mobile Gets Rebalanced, Lvl 220 Cap, and New Content

This summer is a great time to revisit MapleStory for old fans who have left the game. MapleStory Mobile received a much-needed update recently, which not only increased the level cap, but also rebalanced the gameplay and introduced new content.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling


Past MapleStory Mobile veterans weren’t able to reach the full potential of their characters. Instead, they have to settle for Level 200. Thankfully, the new update allows players to add 20 more levels, increasing the level cap to 220. With this level extension, players will gain access to two more hunting fields. The Ellin Forest is a 17-map hunting field that leads to the Helios Tower. Its bosses are Chao, the wildest of all boars, and Ephenia, the queen of fairies. The other hunting field unlocked with the extended level cap is the Dead Mine.

New Things to Do

Monster Quest Banner.jpg

Apart from the quests related to these hunting fields, there is a lot of new content introduced by this patch. There will be three limited-time events related to this patch:

Lotus Leaf Collection Event – Available until July 1, players are tasked to collect lotus leaves in return for a special Cody item.

Surprise M Attendance Sheet Event – From July 8 to July 27, log-in every day to get various rewards such as experience points, level up equipment, and a special Cody item.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Mini-Event – Between July 15 and July 28, players can take part in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors for prizes. Players get three attempts per day, and each win they’ll be able to get rewards such as experience points, level up equipment, and a special Cody item.

Beat Pierre in the Root Abyss

Root Abyss Banner.jpg

Finally, players who have been able to reach Level 220 will have a big boss to beat to challenge their progress. The second boss for the Root Abyss expedition has just been revealed to be Pierre. He’s part of Damien’s group, and he has a nasty umbrella that he uses to attack players. He’s strong enough to one-hit most players, so be careful when you challenge him!

July 2nd Anniversary Event

Return to MapleStory M this month to prepare yourself for the upcoming 2nd Anniversary Event. This month, the game will celebrate two years of fun and excitement with its community.

Ready to jump back into MapleStory Mobile? Then download it now in Google Play or App Store!