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V4 Global is Launching this Week! Pre-Register Now!

V4 is a widely popular game that launched last November in select regions and territories. Now, after a long wait, V4 Global will finally be releasing to the Western world. Pre-registration is still on-going, but we’ll get our hands on the game this weekend. What to expect from V4 Global? Read on and find out.

Gorgeous, Smooth, and Challenging Open-World

Unlike most MMOs in the mobile platform, V4 Global is not going to be a pushover. It’s made using Unreal Engine 4, so it’s definitely not for low-spec phones. To maximize your experience, you should have a phone as powerful as a Samsung Galaxy S7 or an Apple iPhone 7.

However, the investment is quite worth it. They often say that great games sell consoles. For V4 Global’s case, you better buy a new phone just to experience this game. The beautiful graphics will make up for it, with sprawling set pieces and a fully-explorable open-world crafted fantastically by the devs. Not to mention its top-notch gameplay, which does nothing but add more novelty to the game.

V4 Global is set to revolutionize mobile MMORPGs, so you better be there when it launches.

Meet the Six Classes

An MMORPG is nothing without its character classes, and V4 Global launches with six! These are the Axler, Blader, Gunslinger, Knight, Magician, and Warlord.

The Warlord class has high DPS and is a straightforward damage-dealer. He deals more damage as his health gets low, so get smashing with his mallet when the situation gets rough.

The Knight balances offense and defense. Armed with sword and shield, the knight increases her attack and defense stats as she receives damage.

The Magician nukes her enemies with powerful spells. Her damage increases as she lands her spells consecutively.

The fourth class, the Blader, focuses on melee-combo fury. The Blader wields a two-handed sword in one hand, and a short sword in the other. This allows the Blader to follow up his successful attacks with even more devastating swings of his blade.

The evasive Gunslinger allows players to shoot from afar while keeping themselves out of harm’s way by using dodge-related skills. The Gunslinger opens up wounds and charges up her damage the more she hits her enemies.

The final class is the Axler, which is adept in both close-ranged and mid-ranged combat. The Axler wields an axe attached at the head of a shotgun. Her deep battle system is recommended for advance-skilled players.

They can be awakened to a “Devil Chaser” for more skills and abilities.

Mobile MMORPG With Never Before Seen Large Scale Boss Battles

V4 Global will also feature epic boss battles in boss raids. However, the epic scale of the boss battles can be daunting for new players. Thankfully, NEXON has thought ahead and implemented a new system that will help guilds become more efficient in tackling boss raids.

The game introduces “Commander Mode” which adds a new layer of strategy in games never before seen in an MMORPG. A commander from the guild will be able to issue commands and coordinate tactical decisions with their guildmates. This gives everyone specific directives on how to deal with the boss.

Completing boss raids with your guild will award players with powerful equipment and items.

Pre-Register Now for Awesome Prizes!

The game will be releasing this weekend, but you should still pre-register. You can do so through this link.

Pre-registering will not only notify you when the game finally comes out. It will also give you a Limited Edition Mount of a cute penguin, a gift chest, and a pre-registration supply chest.

The gift chest and the supply chest will give you 100,00 gold each. The supply chest will also give you potions and an enhance scroll chest, which will help you upgrade your character fast.Meanwhile, the gift chest will help you get around easily with fifteen area teleportation scrolls, and a gourmet bento chest.