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Nexplay Solid Clinch Season Spot for MPL S6

Nexplay Solid reached another milestone in their sterling career. After a dominating run in the qualifiers, Nexplay Solid emerged victorious and claims a spot in the regular season of MPL S6. Cignal Ultra joins them, becoming the two teams entering the season through the qualifiers.

Path to Season – MPL S6 Group B Qualifiers

Nexplay Solid made headlines as they finished undefeated in the qualifiers. Their dominant run was an impressive show of strength. In the final match of the qualifiers, they defeated Team Chik in a 2-0 sweep. Commentators unanimously regard H2Wo as the top contributor for the team. He’s been voted as the MVP for all their matches. But as this star’s shine is bright with accolades, his teammates also did a great job in bringing Nexplay Solid to the forefront of the competitive MLBB scene.

Their momentum drives Nexplay Solid, especially from the successes they’ve been experiencing this year. Their recent wins include their 1st runner-up finish at the ONE Esports MLI PH Invitational, their championship at the Just ML Cup Challenger’s Edition, winning the NXT Pro Invitational 2020 MLBB.

Nexplay Solid’s win here also extends their simmering rivalry with Cignal Ultra. As Cignal Ultra won through the first qualifiers, the two teams’ paths converge again. Their stories getting into the season have been similar, and it’s going to be interesting to see how they’ll both do in the season proper.

The Gentleman’s Club – MPL Season 6 Proper

The MLBB premier cup will pit the ten best MLBB teams in the Philippines on the country’s biggest stage. Aura PH, last season’s champions, headlines the eight returning teams for season 6. Seven other top-tier teams join the list of direct invites. These are ONIC, Bren Esports, Execration, Omega, BSB, Blu Fire, and Blacklist International.

MPL Season 6 is a continuation of high-skilled tournaments by Mineski Events Team. Last year’s champions will surely be in the spotlight, but everyone who is in the season proper is expected to perform well. With the exception of Nexplay Solid, who is debuting in the MPL stage this season, everyone else is returning for another run at the gold.

MPL Season 6 regular season will run its course from August 21 to October 11. The main stage will be on October 22-25. The tournament is going to have a large prize pool of $120,00.