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MPL Philippines Season 6 Schedule Revealed!

After childhood dreams were achieved in the qualifiers, Nexplay Solid is now moving forward in the MPL through the regular season. Their journey has just begun and this season will be a true test of their skills.

MPL Philippines Season 6, Group A

The ten teams in the MPL Philippines Season 6 are divided into two groups. Nexplay Solid is part of Group A, along with Execration, Blacklist International, Blu Fire, and Season 5 champions Aura PH. This group will really be a true test of strength for Nexplay Solid. Their performance in the following weeks will be a litmus test of their capabilities as a pro team.

Meanwhile, Group B is composed of Onic PH, Bren Esports, Omega PH Esports, BSB, and Cignal Ultra. Cignal Ultra is the other team that entered the MPL Philippines Season 6 via the qualifiers.

Teams within each group will be facing each other twice this season. Meanwhile, they will face all the other teams from the opposing group once. With eight matches against other teams on their own group and five matches against the other group, each team will play a total of thirteen Bo3 series during the season. The top four teams of each group will move on to the playoffs.

Day 1 Opener with Nexplay Solid, Schedule of Matches

Nexplay Solid will be playing on the first day of the regular season of the MPL Philippines Season 6. This match will be held on August 21, and they will be up against Blu Fire, their first outing out of two for the season. Meanwhile, Onic PH and Bren Esports will play the opening game of the season.

Nexplay Solid will once again take up the battlefield the very next day, August 22, this time against Blacklist International, before taking a break on Day 3 of the regular season. The MPL Philippines Season 6 will run its course every Friday to Sunday up until October 11, in which Nexplay Solid is scheduled to take on their growing archnemesis, Cignal Ultra, for their last match of the season proper.

The season’s playoffs will be from October 22 to 25.

Check out the full season schedule here.

Rampaging Through the Qualifiers

Nexplay Solid is entering the regular season after a strong showing in the qualifiers. They were able to complete their qualifier run without dropping a single game. Because of their performance, they’ve become a fan favorite. Thanks to their popularity, their recent exhibition match against Team Payaman reached a record-breaking 360K concurrent viewers. Watch the replay of their match if you haven’t yet through this link.