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Nexplay Predator Esports Officially Renamed to Nexplay Esports

Nexplay, one of the leading esports organizations in the Philippines is making it simple by reverting to its original name. This is due to the overarching brand strategy to make its name as simple and as memorable as possible to its fans.
The change will represent the company of Nexplay as a stronger and more unified approach in its core businesses in esports.

With this, the rebrand is an immediate change that aligned all its sponsors towards one goal, one direction one dream; Nexplay esports.

With Mobile Legends Professional League Philippines (MPL-PH) Season 6 just around the corner, we want our team to be more brand-focused to avoid confusion with our community. Our NEXPLAY SOLID team, composed of H2WO, Renejay, Mb, Chester, Yawi, and Jimnest with its pillars Baby, Yolo, and Dogie will have their first match this Friday, August 21st.