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Tom and Jerry: Chase, New NetEase Game Out Now

A brand-new game that puts a spin on the popular asymmetric survival game genre is out now thanks to NetEase Games. Tom and Jerry: Chase is NetEase’s newest game, this time in collaboration with and officially licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Innovative and nostalgic, Tom and Jerry: Chase is an interesting game that could even be played competitively.

Asymmetric (Not-Horror) Survival Game

Tom and Jerry: Chase lets you play a literal game of cat and mouse

Gamers are familiar with the popular asymmetric survival game genre. The most popular in this genre include the likes of Identity V (also by NetEase) and Dead by Daylight. One common trope for those games is the horror element. One player play as the villain, often a monster or a serial killer. This player will have to use his or her powers to find the other players. Meanwhile, the other players need to survive while finding a way to escape. It’s a recipe for an intense, heart-stopping experience.

But Tom and Jerry: Chase tries to prove that the game’s appeal doesn’t necessarily lie on its horror elements. Still retaining the same core gameplay mechanics, players will have to play a literal game of cat and mouse. One player plays as a cat and has to capture the four mice running around the house. The mice, meanwhile, have to evade capture and work together to collect wedges of cheese. Once the mice have collected the cheese and have taken them to their rat hole, the mice win. But if the cat manages to find three mice and dispatch them by latching them unto rockets, then the cat wins.

Unlike in other games where the hunter has all the powers and the prey can only run to survive, Tom and Jerry: Chase gives the mice an equal opportunity to fight back. Each of the ten mice and three cats has their own abilities: an active skill, a passive skill, and a weapon. These special traits will help the players in this game of cat and mouse. The resulting action is a hilarious mix of slapstick comedy, as the mice try to outwit a cat by using their environment, their skills, and even household items.

Fun Game Modes and Competitive Scene

Diverse game modes will keep you playing for a longer time

While the game can be played casually, there’s also a ranked mode available for the more competitive players. Playing the game is a fun way to pass the time, but it’s also something that many players may want to sink their teeth into. The ranked mode is only available for four hours a day. This gives players only a limited amount of time to play competitively, with the rest of the day spent in casual bouts.

If you’ve grown tired of playing with other people, Tom and Jerry: Chase offers an alternative game mode. Called “Parkour” mode, you play as one of the mice in an endless runner game. It’s a short and fun way to cool off after an intense game in matchmaking.

If you want to see how other players perform in-game, there’s also a spectator mode. This can help you learn new strategies and tactics to improve your own game. Or you can just chill out and watch funny situations unfold.

Tom and Jerry: Chase is Out Now in SEA

After a short time spent in closed beta in select countries, Tom and Jerry: Chase is now out for the whole Southeast Asia region. The game has been very popular in both SEA and China, and is still growing in popularity for the gaming audience. Download Tom and Jerry: Chase now on Google Play and the Apple Store.