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Fortnite iPhone – iPhones with Fortnite Being Sold for $10,000

Epic Game’s legal battle with Apple has led to an amusing phenomenon, which is being referred to as “Fortnite iPhone” on the Internet. These so-called Fortnite iPhones are like regular iPhones, except they have the Epic Games’ title Fortnite installed. What makes these phones special? Apple recently revoked Epic Games’ developer account in the Apple Store. This makes it impossible for Apple users to download Fortnite. Because of this restriction, iPhones which had Fortnite installed and updated to its latest version are being sold for up to $10,000.

How did Fortnite iPhones Come About?

To give you a little more perspective, let’s talk about how this situation came about. It all started when Fortnite’s developers Epic Games made a change in the way their microtransactions work on mobile. In both versions of Fortnite, players were given the option to purchase the in-game currency, V-Bucks, for a lower price. The catch: choosing this cheaper option will put all proceeds of the transaction straight to Epic Games’ pockets. Usually, both Apple and Android will get a cut from all transactions made in apps on their respective platforms.

Unsurprisingly, this move by Epic Games didn’t go unpunished by the two tech giants. It didn’t take long for both Apple and Google to retaliate, first by removing Fortnite from their respective play stores (the Android version, however, remains available to download through the Epic Games Launcher). Both Apple and Google claim that Epic Games have violated their terms of use.

But Epic Games’ move was no accident. Instead, their move may have been intentional. Epic even released a video that took a jab at Apple right after Fortnite got booted out of the Apple App Store.

Fortnite may have orchestrated these events, meant to challenge the “monopoly” that Apple holds over mobile games. What ensues is a legal battle between Apple and Epic that might end up affecting the whole mobile gaming industry.

Why Fortnite iPhones, not Fortnite Androids?

While it is true that Fortnite ended up being banned in both Apple’s and Google’s platforms, the ban is more damning to iPhone players. Fortnite is still playable on Android devices but through some indirect means. Epic Games made clear that it will still be available through the Epic Games Launcher app and the Samsung Galaxy Store. It’s also easier to download installers, called APKs, for Android devices, and install it manually without using the app store.

Unlike for Android users, Apple users have completely no legal ways now to download Fortnite and continue playing. It’s not as easy as it is on Android for Apple users to download an installer to manually get the game on their devices. Thus, virtually only the Apple devices that had Fortnite installed could have Fortnite run on their own devices since the ban was made by Apple. Therefore, the Fortnite iPhone phenomenon was born.

How Much do the Fortnite iPhones Actually Cost?

While we mentioned that a Fortnite iPhone is currently listed on ebay for $10,000, that listing currently hold no bids. Therefore, it’s not likely for the item to be sold at an exorbitant amount ten times of its SRP. Meanwhile, an iPhone 8 selling for over $5,000 has 3 bids, and will likely be sold in a few days.

Does this make the Fortnite iPhone worth investing in? We don’t know yet, as the demand for such items don’t seem to be high. Fortnite iPhones currently hold high prices because of its novelty. But it’s not unimaginable for Fortnite to find its way back to the Apple Store. But if you do have an iPhone that has Fortnite installed, then you better keep that unit pristine. You know, just in case its price skyrockets further down the road.