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Nexplay Solid Clinch Playoff Berth for MPL Season 6

Nexplay Solid continues their MPL Season 6 journey after clinching a spot in the season’s playoffs. Currently sitting at 16 points, Nexplay Solid has enough points to secure their playoff berth.

Mounting a Comeback

Being one of the prestigious tournament’s freshman teams, Nexplay Solid had to be quick on their feet. MPL is knwon for the toughest competition in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and it was apparent just from the qualifiers. But joining the big leagues will prove to be the easiest part of the journey thus far. Fitting in with the household names of the MPL is another matter.

Nexplay Solid answered the challenge head on, but it takes a lot of time to adapt. For its first few matches, Nexplay Solid was outclassed by veteran players who have already proven themselves in previous seasons. But Nexplay didn’t falter, knowing that we’re in a war, and that winning the war is all that matters. They understood that losing a couple of matches here and there is part of the journey, and that they have to move forward learning from their mistakes.

Thankfully, Nexplay Solid’s efforts paid off. Soon, the team was able to rally, thanks to management support and the team’s unrelenting effort to improve. Over the past week, Nexplay Solid began winning games against the biggest names in the league, even sweeping the defending champions in their latest series.

Fans Returning the Favor

Nexplay Solid’s second series against Nexplay this season caught the attention of over three hundred thousand concurrent viewers.

Nexplay’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed. Their loyal fans rewarded the team’s tenacity by continuing to support their matches. Nexplay may just have the best fans in the world since they really came in droves for their matches.

During Nexplay’s second match against Execration was a particular scene to behold. With Nexplay Solid leading by one game, the two were set for a memorable Game 2. Then, the game’s intense action caught the attention of countless fans. Soon, the game had a viewership of over three hundred thousand, and Nexplay Solid used the energy they get from the fans’ support to sweep the series.

Watch Nexplay Solid’s Future Matches

We still have two weeks of matches left in the season calendar, but regardless of the results, fans will see Nexplay compete in the playoffs. The only mission for Nexplay now is to continue winning to get a more favorable seed.

Continue watching Nexplay Solid’s games and support the team. Players get inspired when they know that they entertain fans with what they do. Nexplay’s remaining match is against Cignal Ultra on Sunday, October 11. Watch and cheer for Nexplay Solid.