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Nexplay Solid Squares Up With Bren Esports in MPL S6 Playoffs

It hasn’t been long since Nexplay Solid clinched their playoffs spot in MPL Season 6, so now it’s time to talk about the brackets. Nexplay Solid finished the season round-robins with a score of 16, allowing them to qualify to the next stage. An impressive feat for a rookie team in MPL, especially since it’s filled to the brim by the country’s finest ML:BB teams.

Hard Work, Determination, and Grit

Nexplay Solid and Cignal Ultra, the two teams that entered the season proper through the qualifiers, had a lot to prove in the round-robins. Being a newbie in the MPL exerted extreme pressure to Nexplay Solid, with a lot challenging their capability to compete against the country’s elites. Cignal Ultra had prior experience in the MPL, but having to go through the qualifiers meant their journey to the title is longer than others. The two teams would become the season’s underdogs, with many expecting them not to reach the playoffs.

Truly, Nexplay Solid had to go through an arduous path. It wasn’t easy to fit in. They spent the first half of the season on the losing end of most of their matchups, even giving BNK their sole 2-0 win. But losing halfway thru didn’t mean that the team had to suffer the same results for the rest of the season. The team adapted, trained harder, and thanks to an increased support from management, Nexplay Solid started winning more. In the end, they managed to score a series of victories, lifting their score. This shows where hard work, determination, and grit can get you when you have a talented team. Never give up, and eventually you’ll get great results.

Nexplay Solid finished ahead of BNK in their groups, while Cignal Ultra also finished ahead of BSB. The two qualifier teams managed to reach the playoffs. That’s impressive by itself, but the journey doesn’t end there.

Aiming For the Head

With Nexplay Solid’s score, they are seeded 4th in Group A. This places them in a precarious spot in the playoff picture – they have to face the top seed of the other group, Bren Esports. Bren has been a mainstay of the MPL since Season 3, finishing a respectable 2nd in their debut year. For this season, Bren Esports are clear favorites. They scored the highest in the round-robins with 34 points, 11 points higher than the next highest-scoring team.

Bren Esports is admittedly a tall wall for Nexplay Solid to climb. It’s going to be a real challenge for them to even take one map away from Bren. They scored 2-0 from Nexplay Solid in their lone meeting this season, after all. But all tall walls can still be scaled, and Nexplay Solid is determined to prove that to be the case.

Beating the season’s top stars will not only give Nexplay Solid a clearer path to victory, but also a big boost in their morale. Having Bren beat will strengthen their resolve, and then they would have enough momentum to carry themselves to the Finals.

However, all of this is just wishful thinking if Nexplay Solid fails to beat their daunting adversary. They will first have to beat them.

And that’s what the team aims to do once they meet next Friday, 7:00PM.

The Playoff Picture

The Playoff Picture (Image courtesy of Moonton)

As for the rest of the playoff brackets, the matchups are exciting. Nexplay Solid’s qualifiers brethren and rival Cignal Ultra will face the second highest-scoring team of the season, Execration. Blacklist International will be facing off against PLDT-Smart Omega, while Onic Esports will be starting their playoffs fighting against the reigning champions, Aura PH.

All matches of the playoffs prior to the Grand Finals will be played in 5 rounds. The Grand Finals itself will be best of 7 rounds.

Tune in on the official channel of the MPL to watch the action unfold. The first match, Execration versus Cignal Ultra, will start at 4:30PM on October 22, followed by Blacklist versus Omega. Then the next day will open with Aura versus Onic, followed by Nexplay versus Bren.