Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Nexplay?

A: Nexplay App is a Streaming Application for your Mobile Device that allows you to share your gameplays, train your skills and showcase your talent with your friends and other community members.

Q: What are the System Requirements?

A: OS: Android 6.0 Above
RAM: 1.5 GB
Tablet Devices and PC emulator apps are not fully supported (yet)
Internet Speed: Minimum of 3 Mbps stable upload speed

NOTE: The RAM requirement for the app should run it smoothly. Streaming experience will now depend on the additional RAM requirement of the game you're playing and your available stable internet connection

Game Streaming

Q: How to start a Game Stream?


  1. Tap the "Go Live" button at the lower right part of the homepage screen
  2. Allow all permissions if prompted
  3. Select the game you want to stream
  4. Select the platforms that you want to stream.
  5. Set up your stream by putting your desired stream title, description, hashtag, stream overlay and sound track then hit "Start"
  6. Now you're ready to stream, tap the red button to start streaming. 3. .2. .1. . And you are LIVE!
  • Nexplay has the Multi-streaming feature allowing you to stream in multiple platforms at the same time (currently Facebook and YouTube)
  • Add design to your stream with stream overlays. You can easily get them from our awesome collection in the Store or for free by joining our in app events
  • To stream via PC, you need a 3rd party streaming application like OBS then follow the steps and recommended settings to ensure that your stream won't have any problems.

Q: I can't find the game I want to stream in the list. What should I do?

A: You can suggest the game you want to stream. It will be reviewed and will be approved in few days. NOTE: Please make sure that the game that you'll suggest can be found in the Google Play Store.

Q: I want a better stream quality. Is there a way for me to select my preferred stream quality?

A: Currently, the app automatically adjusts the quality of your stream depending on the current available and stable internet connection. The higher and more stable your internet connection is, the better the stream quality too. Although we are considering adding the option for users to select their own preferred quality soon.

Q: I don’t want my audience to see me, how to turn on-off the camera?

A: You can toggle camera function by tapping your camera view or the circular stream icon with your profile picture. The settings will appear for you to toggle Camera on/off.

Q: Why Viewers can’t hear the game audio?

A: Nexplay App can only capture audio from your mobile phone's microphone, it is possible for your audience to hear your game audio as long as you don’t use earphones and increase speaker volume of your phone. Nexplay Team will work on this closely for an update that could probably resolve this.

Q: I'm annoyed by the circular icon on my screen, what is it for?

A: The stream circular icon serves both as your front camera view when camera is turned on and as the stream control button to display the stream details and controls: privacy on/off, mic on/off, camera on/off, chat section, live duration, viewer count and internet connection status indicator. You can move the icon sidewards if it blocks part of your screen.

Q: My stream is laggy, what's wrong?

A: There are many factors that can affect your streaming experience:

  1. Your internet download and upload speed might not be enough to handle the needed connection for both the streaming and the game you are playing, causing one or both of it to lag. Make sure that you have a stable minimum upload speed of 3 Mbps for streaming and at least additional download and upload speed of 1 mpbs for the game you are playing.
  2. Your device's RAM might not be enough to handle both the app and the game you are playing. Please be informed that your device's RAM also handles background processes that you can't see or notice, so please make sure that your device's RAM can handle both the app, the game that you're playing and the background processes that your device has before starting to stream.

Q: Alright, so what should I do when I always experience lag while streaming?

A: Here are some things you can do to avoid or at least lessen the lag that you experience while playing and streaming:

  1. You know that the minimum RAM requirment for the Nexplay app alone is 1.5 GB, now knowing the minimum RAM requirement of the game(s) that you will also play is important to know if your device's RAM can handle both the app and the game.
  2. If your game requires a higher RAM, try to adjust its graphic settings to Medium, Low, (or Very low if available). This will lessen the consumed RAM of the game that might also result to a smoother playing and streaming experience.
  3. Perform a speed test before streaming. If your internet speed is stable at around 3 mbps upload and download speed, then both your game play and streaming should be fine.
  4. Please make sure that before streaming, all other active apps are closed, except the for the Nexplay app and the game that you'll play and stream.

Q: How to Stop my stream?

A: You can tap the circular stream button to trigger the stream settings. On the stream settings, you will see the Stop button along side with the other options. Tapping the Stop button will prompt you with a confirmation message. Confirming it will stop the live stream.

Q: How to share my stream link on other platforms like Facebook?

A: You can share your stream by going to your stream as viewer and tap the "Share" icon beside the chat box.

Nexplay Profile

Q: How to change my Username?

A:You can change your Nexplay Username by going to your profile > Settings > Edit Channel.
NOTE: You can change your Nexplay Username (Once) if you're a free user. Make sure you’ve decided fully with your Nexplay Username before changing it. However, if you're subscribed to Nexplay Premium, username change will be unlimited.

Q: How to change my Avatar/Profile Picture?

A: You can change your avatar/profile picture by going to your profile then tap the "pencil" edit button beside your avatar/profile picture and select the Upload Photo button. You can also select the Select Avatar button if you want to use the Nexplay default avatars.

Q: How to change my Profile Frame?

A: You can change your profile frame by going to your profile then tap the "pencil" edit button beside your avatar/profile picture and select the Select Frame button. If you don't have profile frames yet, you can easily get them from our awesome collections in the Store or for free by joining in app events!

Q: How to change my Cover Banner?

A: You can change your Cover Banner by going to your profile then tap the "pencil" edit button and select the Upload Cover button.

Q: How to add/edit Social Media links to profile?

A: You can add/edit your Social Media links (currently FB and YT) by going to your profile > settings > Edit Channel then look for Facebook and YouTube link section.

Q: I want to add more info about my channel, where can I put them?

A: You can add/edit your channel description by going to your profile > Edit Info. Make sure to save the changes you made before leaving the page.

Q: What is a donation bar?

A: The donation bar allows you to setup your target Nexcoin donations to receive.

Q: What are achievements? How does it work?

A: Achievements are set of weekly and monthly missions that you can complete to earn Nexcoins. You can check the weekly and the monthly missions by going to the More > Missions. SG Dollars.

Q: How to share my Nexplay Profile link to social media and other apps?

A: Go to your Nexplay profile and look for the "Share" icon below your profile page. Tap and select where do you want to share your profile link from the options that will appear.

Store, Subscriptions and Earning

Q: How to earn while streaming my awesome gameplays?

A: You can earn through virtual gifts sent by your followers and viewers. Virtual gifts you received are automatically converted to Nexcoins stored in your account wallet.

Q: Where can I get virtual gifts to send to my favorite streamers?

A: You can buy gifts from the Shop screen and send it to your favorite streamers from your Inventory screen.

Q: What is Nexcoins and how does it work?

A: Nexcoins is the virtual currency in the Nexplay App. You can use it to:

  • Buy regular, premium, and limited edition gifts in the store
  • Buy regular, seasonal, and limited edition profile frames and stream overlays in the store
  • Buy premium subscription packs
  • Donate directly to a stream of your favorite streamer and
  • Earn and convert to real cash by making cash out transaction

Q: How to make a cashout transaction? Is there any requirements?

A: To learn more about wallet, cash out requirements, and how to make a cash out request, kindly check out the Cash out FAQs .

Q: How does the “Upgrade” Subscription works?

A: You may purchase a Paid Subscription directly from NEXPLAY or through a third party either by (1) paying a subscription fee in advance on a monthly basis or some other recurring interval disclosed to you prior to your purchase; or (2) prepayment giving you access to the NEXPLAY Service for a specific time period (“Pre-Paid Period”).

NEXPLAY may change the price for the Paid Subscriptions, including recurring subscription fees, the Pre-Paid Period (for periods not yet paid), or Codes, from time to time and will communicate any price changes to you in advance and, if applicable, how to accept those changes. Price changes will take effect at the start of the next subscription period following the date of the price change. Subject to applicable law, you accept the new price by continuing to use the NEXPLAY Service after the price change takes effect. If you do not agree with a price change, you have the right to reject the change by unsubscribing from the Paid Subscription prior to the price change going into effect.

If you register for a Paid Subscription, you may change your mind for any or no reason and receive a full refund of all monies paid within fourteen (14) days starting from the day you sign-up for the relevant service (the “Cooling-off Period”) in accordance with the following:

  • If you sign up for a Trial, you agree that the Cooling-off Period for the Paid Subscription for which you are receiving a Trial ends fourteen (14) days after you start the Trial. If you don’t cancel the Paid Subscription before the Trial ends, you lose your right of withdrawal and authorize NEXPLAY to automatically charge you the agreed price each month until you cancel the Paid Subscription.
  • If you purchase a Paid Subscription with no Trial, you authorize NEXPLAY to charge you automatically each month until you cancel. You agree that the Cooling-off Period is available for fourteen (14) days after your purchase but is lost once you use the NEXPLAY Service during that period.
A: You can cancel your subscription any time. No hard feelings :) This will revert your account to our “Free Service” after any remaining Premium time runs out.
  • Go to Google Play Store
  • Click on Subscription on the menu
  • Click CANCEL.
  • Click YES, CANCEL. Your account page now shows the date you’ll return to the Free service. We hope you decide to upgrade again!
  • Y
Click here to view the full Nexplay Terms and Conditions of Use.

Q: What are the perks of being subscribed in Nexplay Premium?

A: Experience the most out of Nexplay when you subscribe to our premium plans!

  • Unlimited cross-platform streaming
  • Unlimited PC streaming
  • Stream up to 4 hours max
  • Ad-Free experience Free premium badge and frame
  • Access to premium events Access to premium items
  • And more!

Store, Subscriptions and Earning

Q: Where can I get help or reach Support Care?

A: Email us at
Message us on Facebook: Nexplay Gaming

Q: I want to join your official community on Facebook.

A: Sure! Join us and be part of the Nexplay Nation. Here you can share your stream links from the Nexplay app, post topics to discuss about your stream, thouts about app features, post your feedback, and suggestions and more!

Q: I have feedback and awesome suggestions, where can I send it?

A: Fill up this form Here

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